Soli Deo Gloria

(C) Volker Rost

s.d.g. = soli deo gloria

May be you’ve asked yourself “what the f… are those funny words somewhere on all of Enrico’s bikes?”. Many artists of the medieval times and the baroque era have put these Latin words (or just their three initials) on their artwork. The reason for it was to explain that they understand their artwork as a glorification and praise of God. Soli Deo Gloria translates into “Glory to God alone”.

Enrico and Volker are both committed Christians. Jesus is the boss of and in their life. Therefore they want to glorify God with their work instead of looking for their own fame. Why are we doing that? Because we owe him everything. Jesus alway was and is endlessly good to us. He has shown so much patience and loves us even though we screw up things so often. He always straightens what we’ve messed up.

So this is our way to say

“thank you Daddy! without you we would be nothing and we could do nothing:

Glory to you alone!

PS: If you want to learn more about this Jesus you may look here

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